Sitemap - 2021 - DrawTogether with WendyMac

One last thing...

Well, THAT was a big year.

#8 Out the Window

#7 Most Fun Drawing Exercise Ever: The Blindfold!

#6 Emotional Doodles, part 3: Slow & Steady

#5 Emotional Doodles, part 2: Gratitude

The DT Black Friday Sale (not really)

#4 Emotional Doodles, part 1: Scribble it out

Art Dispatch from NYC

Happy Diwali!

#3 Spiral in, Spiral out with Louis Bourgeois

#2 The Doodle Game (No Rules in Art!)

Nature's Magic Colors

Get outside with Andy Goldsworthy

#1 DrawTogether Podcast Begins: Calming Fireworks in the Sky

Spotlight: Lisa Congdon

The ever-changing world of drawing, together

In the TED spotlight

Time Capsule Self Portrait!

Announcing an art + heart initiative

DrawTogether: a fresh new beginning

We all scream for ice cream

Summer Dispatch: What do you call a cereal artist?

Get a beet? Grab an onion?

(Mobile) Studio Dispatch: On the Road

A Fauna Flashback: Baby Raccoon!

Summer Dispatch: Get outside and DRAW!

The beach is ready for you!

Summer Dispatch: Radici Studios + Anti-Racist Art

Self-portrait time!

Summer Dispatch: Yoko Ono inspiration

Fireworks over a ferry AND a bonus!

DrawTogether x ILLUSTORIA

Which animal home would you draw?

Summertime Studio: Kaylani Juanita

Summertime! Hot Air Balloons + 6-word memoirs

How we built the DrawTogether Set

Dragons, BBQs, and prizes prizes prizes

Behind the Scenes: DIY Stop-Motion Extravaganza

Studio Dispatch: End of Season Retrospective

The BIG Graduation Show!

Studio Dispatch: More Animal friends!

Unlikely Animal Friends!

Studio Dispatch: Connecting with Sister Corita

Clubhouse! The Outdoor Adventure Show

Studio Dispatch: More butterflies, more Loveis

Draw a Butterfly...with a hairstyle

Studio Dispatch: All About Shapes

NEW DrawTogether: Rocketship in Space and Shapes

Studio Dispatch: Q&A with Samin Nosrat

Tugboat! The Big Mistakes Show

Studio Dispatch

Draw a guitar and learn our theme song!

What animal makes DrawTogether kids howl?

What animal makes DrawTogether kids howl?

Ep 04: Heart Spirals

Episode 03, Let’s Discover Color

Episode 2: Magical band-aid, vaccines, and YOU

Episode 01, here comes the sun!

DrawTogether is back!

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