Clubhouse! The Outdoor Adventure Show

Use a "finder" to see the world in a whole new way + draw an outdoor clubhouse

Supplies: Paper, Pen or Pencil, Colors, Scissors and Outside

First off, Eid Mubarak to all who celebrate!

This week, join WendyMac and kid guest artist Bird as we explore the outdoors and draw a clubhouse. We learn about the amazing educator and artist Sister Corita Kent, whose “finder” helps us to look at things one piece at a time - think of a little window to the great outside world! We’ll talk more about Sister Corita, finders, and her art rules on Sunday, so subscribe to get all that extra good stuff.

Kid Gallery

You all loved Loveis and drawing from the heart! Check out some groovy butterflies with hairstyles here, plus more from past shows. And keep sending your drawings:

Left column top-to-bottom: Marlo (6) and Caspar (4), Devon, UK, Marielle (8),Weaverville, North Carolina, Quinn (8), Washington, Indiana; Right column top-to-bottom: Maxine(5), San Ramon, Californiia, Zaina,(5), New Delhi, India, Magnolia (11), Littleton, Colorado

Drop a comment below and let us know what you think of this week’s episode, and what you want to draw plein air. We appreciate it and we love hearing from you!

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