Episode 01, here comes the sun!

Draw an inside weather chart, wacky weather, and make your own mobile

WendyMac kicks things off with a fresh take on drawing an inside weather chart.  Don’t know what inside weather is? Grab your art supplies and watch below! Then keep reading to explore some of the wackiest weather you never knew existed and to make a sculpture that moves in the wind

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Art Snack: Wacky Weather
What’s the weirdest weather you’ve ever seen?  How did it make you feel?  If you could invent a kind of weather, what would it be? And what would it look like?  
Tell us in the comments below! Here are some of our wacky weather favorites:

  • Snow Donuts are super rare hollow snowballs formed by just the right amount of wind and a good hill. Resist the urge to gobble them up!

  • Dust devils are twirling, whirling and swirling masses of air that form in deserts when hot air rises quickly into a pocket of cooler air above - and can even be seen on the surface of Mars.

  • A Brocken Bow is an eerie and magical weather phenomenon that occurs on a misty day, when the sun falls on water particles in the air in just the right way and creates rainbows around shadows.

  • Frost flowers ‘bloom’ above water bodies in the extreme cold. What is even cooler (haha!) is that many tiny micro-organisms live within each flower.

Studio Practice: Make a Windy Weather Sculpture
Click on the image below to open up step-by-step instructions on how to make a windy weather sculpture (some call it a “mobile”) out of the good stuff lying around your house.  Don’t forget to send photos of your mobile to submissions@drawtogether.studio

Your turn to share:

This is when WendyMac likes to say “do a show!” We want to hear from you and see your mobile creations, inside weather, and the wackiest weather you can imagine.  Post comments below or send to us at submissions@drawtogether.studio - starting next week, your artwork and comments could be featured in our next Art Club newsletter or on our website gallery!

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Thanks for drawing and learning with us today. One week down and we are feeling sunny because…everything is better when we DrawTogether!