DrawTogether: a fresh new beginning

Hard to believe it's only been a few weeks. We sure missed you!

We’re baaaaack! And wow are we happy to see you.

Quite a few new members joined the DrawTogether art club since we started our Summer break in August. So first: Welcome to all you new DT peeps, so happy you’re here! And hellooooooo to those of you who’ve been with us all along. We have missed you!

We are now six months in to the DrawTogether art club and we’ve done so much together. Activities and drawing galore, special guests from around the world, gorgeous galleries of the drawings DT kids shared. It felt good to catch our breath in August - even the most energetic artists need a little rest and vacation time, right?

New Beginning News

It’s a new school year for many of you, and a new moment for DrawTogether. It’s probably not too surprising, then, that our theme this month is New Beginnings. Fresh Starts. Brand New (sunny) days.

Every month, I’ll share a little video with you (did someone say drawing lesson?) and other stuff I’m excited about. So without further ado, PENCILS UP! (And keep reading after the video for more details on what’s coming up…)

With a new restart, and based on your feedback, we are changing up our newsletter format just a bit - adjusting the pace, keeping it simple, and making it as accessible as possible. Because at DT we believe more isn’t always better (especially when it comes to email).

Each week will be a slightly different focus: a WendyMac Studio Dispatch, a Special Guest Feature, Art Snacks and Activities, DrawTogether News Updates, DT Kid Art Shows, and more. They’ll all be connected to a big heart theme each month. And BONUS! for this first month of the shift, all DT Art Club newsletters will be free and sent to everyone.

For you DT-die hards, don’t worry - we’ll be putting more fun stuff on Instagram @DrawTogether.studio and send out unexpected surprises. We gotcha covered.

What do you think of this less is more approach we’re trying out? What are you hoping to see from DrawTogether this fall? Let us know in the comments below!

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Spread the word if you’re happy to see DrawTogether Art Club back in action, and always always stay in touch!