Which animal home would you draw?

Did someone say groundhog lair!

Helloooo! With temperatures rising in lots of parts of the world, we wanted to take this DT Classic release underground. Start off with a warmup (with a plot twist!) and then dive deep to draw a Groundhog’s Underground Lair. This classic comes from the “Home” theme week. Check out the video below to wonder what it’s like to live in the earth, talk about making mistakes, and learn how to draw a groundhog’s home.

Send us your drawings here when you’re done and we’ll share kid art again in the coming weeks!

And in other DT Summer Camp news…ILLUSTORIA!!

Last week we featured the artist Kaylani Juanita, who talked about Juneteenth, Pride, and her mission to support the stories of the under represented and create new ways for people to imagine themselves.

And coming up…we do a special collaboration with Illustoria, the best kids art & storytelling magazine out there, and talk about how images and words work together. Follow DrawTogether and Illustoria over on IG to enter a raffle for a free DT beanie and a DT and Illustoria subscription, and consider paying $6/month for a subscription to get all the extra DrawTogether stuff.

We’d love to know what you are most excited about this summer. Any fun trips and adventures? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll give you a shoutout in a future Art Club!

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Everything is still better when we DrawTogether, right? Much love to you all, DT crew!