What animal makes DrawTogether kids howl?

Draw a wolf with WendyMac, plus an animal expert guest appearance

Supplies: paper, pen or pencil, color (crayons, colored pencils, or paints), a big howl

This week, we get wild! By popular request, we learn how to draw a (howling) wolf. The wolf is majestic and fascinating, as animal expert Dr. Laurel reminds us. Then we take some time to color in our wolf and check our inside weather. What makes you hooooowllll these days?

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Last week’s show, spirals and all:
We loved seeing your heart spirals and snails, and we also could not get enough of your rainbow gardens. Enjoy an extra-large kid gallery this week, and keep sending us those drawings and creations.

Left column top-to-bottom: Walter, age 5, Seattle, Washington; Lewis, age 6, Burlingame, California; Andrew, age 7, and Brandon, age 5, West Covina, California; Alicia, age 6, Valencia, Spain —- Right column top-to-bottom: Anahid, age 8, Tehran, Iran; Scarlett, age 5, California; Lena, age 9, Roslyn, New York; Ines, age 8, Grand Cayman

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