The ever-changing world of drawing, together

A time-spirally check-in

Hello DT fam! A lot of new folks signed up for the DrawTogether Art Club since my TED talk dropped (welcome new folks!), so we thought we’d do a quick re-intro of DrawTogether and peek into what’s ahead.

I’m Wendy - aka WendyMac here in DT land (DT=DrawTogether. If you know, you know.) I’m an illustrator and graphic journalist, and the creator and host of DrawTogether. DT started as an emergency art class/show for kids during the pandemic. Originally broadcast on instagram live and filmed by my wife Caroline, tens of thousands of kids all over the world gathered every day to DrawTogether. We received so much feedback about the impact of the show on the emotional and creative well-being of kids, we decided to DIY it as a proper TV show! We produced a 12-episode pilot season and distributed it through this DrawTogether Art Club newsletter here, along with additional art activities and artist spotlights. 

Turns out educators around the world have been using DrawTogether with their students, and we heard a lot of demand for more - especially with the return to in-person learning. So we just launched DrawTogether Classrooms - a program providing schools and community orgs FREE resources and to use DT in their classrooms. Starting here in the U.S., and hopefully expanding beyond soon. (Last chance to sign up!)

We’re working on exciting partnerships and opportunities - stay tuned for more. 

While we keep the DT Art Club going here with art features, artist interviews, and posts from yours truly, we are exploring ways to make the show all it can be - including making it sustainable. (In case you were thinking of making one, too, just a heads up: DIY’ing a TV show is something you can only do once.) We’ll share updates soon! 

As for me, WendyMac, I’m so proud of what we’ve all created together, and excited for what lies ahead.  If you have any questions or suggestions about DT, or anything drawing and social work-wise, really, holler. The request line is always open. 

And one last note: your support, whether you signed up for free or are a paid subscriber, really matters. We appreciate it and you so much. If you are a paid subscriber, your contribution help keep DrawTogether free and accessible, and allows us to bring more art and social emotional learning into classrooms and communities that need it the most.

Pencils up!