DT Podcast: Window Drawing

Frame our perspective & check out our view!


Helllllooo. New Friday, new DT Podcast episode!

We’re trying something new. Today we take a kid request (thanks DT Kid Rosa!) and then head out on an art adventure together... to our windows! We learn about perspective and scale and a bit about composition. And most of all, we slow down, look closely and see/draw at all the magical things we often overlook.

This episode is a fun, easy little drawing meditation with some learning tucked inside. It’s about 10 minutes, and is fun to do alone or with a family member. So grab a pencil or pen, paper, and maybe a book if you need a surface to draw on, and press play above.

I’d love to see DT peeps window views from around the world and I bet everyone else would, too - so if you want, you can post your drawing on Instagram and tag @drawtogether.studio and we’ll share it out. And if YOU have a kid who has a drawing request, you can send a voice memo (ask them to include first name, age, and request) to submissions@drawtogether.studio and maybe we’ll draw your kid’s request!

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Keep drawing, looking, and loving.


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