DrawTogether with WendyMac
DrawTogether with WendyMac
The Spooky Shadows Episode

The Spooky Shadows Episode

Bring on the Count Drawula jokes, it's Halloween at the DT Podcast. Time to draw spooky SHADOWS. (And learn how light works.)

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Bwaahahahahah! Hellooooooo and welcome to SPOOKY TOGETHER.

At DrawTogether, there’s no such thing as too much Halloween, candy or art supplies, so we’re launching our Halloween episode a little early. Grab a costume, a pencil, some paper, and colors if you got ‘em. And get ready to draw some SPOOKY SHADOW MONSTER HEADS, and learn all about…..


Hit that play button up top and let’s draw

In our Halloween episode (for wonky folks that’s DT Pod, Season 2, Episode 4) we start with a calming circle-drawing warm-up while we listen to a Shel Silverstein poem, then learn to draw drop shadows and turn our flat circles into 3D spheres. After a quick lesson on light and shadow, we turn our 3D spheres into spooky shadow monster heads! Then we go get some candy.

Untitled_Artwork 1.jpg

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Warning: this episode is spooky. It contains spooky sounds and spooky voices and spooky drawings and… JUST KIDDING. It’s just silly. Appropriate for kids of ALL ages. We’d love to see your kids artwork - if your kid would like to see their artwork in the DrawTogether newsletter, post it on instagram and tag us @DrawTogether.Studio

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Did you know substack (the service we use to share DrawTogether via email) has an app? It makes it way easier to access DrawTogether podcast episodes, videos, lessons, and all the DT archives. The DT Grown-Ups Table is also testing the app as a way to chat and share artwork in a more private way than Instagram. So far it’s pretty cool. Check it out. It’s available for iPhones/iPads, and for Android.

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You might have noticed our new DT podcast seasons include more kid voices, fun drawing music and outdoor field trips. We’d love to hear how your kids are enjoying the new podcast season so far! Parents, caregivers and educators, leave us a note in the comments below and share any feedback, highlights, and/or requests. Tell us EVERYTHING. <3

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Happy spooky drawing to all!


SpookyMac & The DT BooCast crew

DrawTogether with WendyMac
DrawTogether with WendyMac
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