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DrawTogether with WendyMac
DT x Dia de los Muertos featuring Yuyi Morales!

DT x Dia de los Muertos featuring Yuyi Morales!

Drawing and singing and celebrating the Day of the Dead with an award winning author and illustrator

Yuyi Morales is on the DT podcast!!

Señor Calavera— one of my favorite of Yuyi’s characters

Hellloooo! This week on the DT pod we celebrate Día de los Muertos with special guest children’s book author and illustrator Yuyi Morales! Her might recognize her Caldecott-nominated Viva Frida, or her other award-winning books, including Niño Wrestles the World, Harvesting Hope: The Story of Cesar Chavez, and Dreamers.

We spent some time talking about one of my favorite of Yuyi’s characters, Señor Calavera. He’s the trickster skeleton star of two of Yuyi’s books: Just a Minute and Just in Case. He even made an appearance during our interview!

The moment Yuyi brought out Señor Calavera...his hair was extra fancy that day!

On this special DrawTogether Podcast, Yuyi joins us from her art studio in Veracruz, Mexico for some Day of the Dead drawing, including a fun sugar skull warm-up1 and alter-drawing to celebrate someone we love who has passed.

Yuyi’s Day of the Dead altar in 2016 (Photo: Yuyi Morales)

Yuyi also plays us some original drawing music on her jarana. Grab some paper, pens, colors and press play above. Enjoying the DT Pod? Can you think of someone else who would love it, too? Please share with a friend!

Señor Calavera hopes you enjoy the show!

AND! Does your kid want to be featured on the DrawTogether podcast? Call the DT Hotline and ask your kid to tell us about their FAVORITE FAMILY FOOD. Call 1-866-4-DRAWTOGETHER with your young person, leave a message after the beep and they just might end up on a future episode.


The GUT’s First Visiting Artist: Maira Kalman!

Self-portrait by Maira Kalman

Ask and ye shall receive! This Sunday, Maira Kalman joins us at the Grown-Ups Table where she answers some of my most pressing drawing/life questions, shares a little about her new book “Women Holding Things”, and gives us an inspiring drawing assignment. We’ll be taking questions from the table, so start thinking what you’d like to ask her, too! If you haven’t joined the Grown-Ups table, subscribe for weekly creative wanderings, explorations and lessons, visiting artists, and drawing assignments - and most of all, a joyful, creative, supportive community of fellow drawers.

Thank you Yuyi for joining us on the pod this week, and producers Liz Scheltens and Arjuna Saeed, and editor Amy Standen for all your hard work to make this podcast so great. And thank YOU, DrawTogether Supporters and GUT members, for making this all possible.

See you next week!




Big tip of the hat to Lynda Barry for the eyes-closed skull-drawing inspo

DrawTogether with WendyMac
DrawTogether with WendyMac
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