Join #1 New York Times bestselling illustrator (plus social worker and professional goofball) Wendy MacNaughton, aka “WendyMac,” and a special team of collaborators and guests, to discover the world through drawing and have a whole lot of fun. It’s the DrawTogether Art Club!

Starting in March, DrawTogether will release a new show every Friday for 12 weeks (Season 1! Season 2 soon to follow!). Shows (aka classes) will be sent out in an interactive newsletter with extra activities (aka Art Club!) here on Substack, and then later posted on the DrawTogether website. All together, it’s the show that’s a class that’s a club - for kids!

This DrawTogether learning universe combines imagination, growth mindset, and the occasional silly dance to teach drawing - while also instilling creativity, emotional self-awareness, and confidence. Kids learn along to Wendy’s ebullient there-are-no-mistakes-in-art instruction - put polka dots on that penguin! Scribble wildly to vent energy! - and come away with a finished drawing and sense of pride and accomplishment, while grown ups get instructional advice (and their own art time) through the newsletter’s activity sheets, exclusive interviews, and much more.  

We will create these shows, classes, and club activities in real time in conversation WITH YOU. Write to us in the comments and tell us what you think. Send us videos and photos of artwork.  Because everything is better when we DrawTogether.

DrawTogether Art Stars = extra-special fun
(and help us keep DrawTogether shows free for all)

When you subscribe, you become an Art Star! You’ll get access to more of the DrawTogether universe, including super-cool activities made *just* for the DrawTogether Art Club. And your support helps us to provide DrawTogether shows for free for everyone. As an Art Star, you’ll receive an extra message loaded with art projects, social-emotional learning tools, interviews and contributions from artists, activists and other creative humans, and helpful art-heart stuff for grown-ups, too. 

And looking ahead: art kits! DrawTogether merch! Curriculum for schools! Who knows what could be next...DrawTogether on Mars! (Paging Elon: all donations to DrawTogether are tax-deductible. Just saying.) Whatever DrawTogether becomes, we want YOU to be part of the journey.

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