#25 Transmundane Tuesdays with Carson EllisListen now (13 min) | Tuesday on a Sunday! We get to draw with our favorite children's book author/illustrator Carson Ellis
"People will forget what you’ve said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” - Maya Angelou
#24 Emotional FruitListen now (10 min) | This week we're drawing food and feeeeeelings
We're Hiring, Drawing with Our Bodies Over Our Brains, and Transcript #23
#23 Body's Choice Listen now (8 min) | A surrealist drawing exercise led by our bodies instead of our brains
World's Best Drawing Game is Back Listen now (8 min) | Return of the doodle! And a Radiolab call for kid storytellers
For Subscribers: Highlights from a 1976 interview with the reclusive artist & the DT Pod transcript
#21 Getting Griddy with Agnes MartinListen now (11 min) | Creating a simple drawing can become a sublime experience
Accessibility, DT Pod transcripts and artist Christine Sun Kim
#20 "What Does Sound Look Like?" With Special Guest Colin MeloyListen now (11 min) | Sure there are waves, bangs, clangs and the instruments that make them... but what does Colin's 6 favorites sounds look like to…
#19 Draw with Your EarsListen now (9 min) | Head outside and draw a Sound Map - and DT pencil winner!
And a question - and a gift - for YOU.