A Fauna Flashback: Baby Raccoon!

One of the very cutest ways to pass your summer day

Hi DrawTogether crew!

Last summer when we did Summer Camp on Instagram Live, Fauna week (aka getting to draw all the cutest/coolest animals) was a huge hit. So today we bring you one of those early episodes, drawing a baby raccoon hanging out in the city on a summer night. We start with a visit from Suso, move to an inside weather check, and then settle in to a nice long baby raccoon drawing session. At a whopping 42 minutes, it’s cute, fun, and a perfect way to pass the time on these long summer days. Know what makes it even better? Sharing this Classic with a friend!


And coming up on Sunday for our renewed version of DT Summer Camp - a dispatch from WendyMac in her mobile studio, sharing drawings and stories from somewhere magical on planet earth. Consider subscribing?

Whatever you are up to these days, we appreciate you and looooove hearing from you - so drop a line in the comments or send us a shout on IG and we’ll get back to you.

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