Ep 04: Heart Spirals

DrawTogether focuses on a calming heart spiral class and takes a breath

This week is a DrawTogether classic: the Heart Spiral*. We get our blood moving then slow it down with a calming, centering drawing practice kids of all ages can do anytime anywhere. We take some deep breaths and feel like a million bucks afterwards.

*Big shout out to the original spiralstress Lynda Barry for sparking this DrawTogether practice.

Suggested supplies:  Paper, Pen or Pencil or Crayon

Beyond the show: the extra creative stuff takes a breath…

We are taking a tiny break with the extras to get ready for the next round of shows and activities. DrawTogether has a lot of exciting new stuff coming in April and May! Please consider becoming a paid subscriber to make sure you don’t miss out on anything. Paying for a subscription also helps support DrawTogether and keeps it free and accessible for kids around the world. If you are an educator using this in a classroom, or if the subscription cost is a hardship, contact us: kate@drawtogether.studio 

Studio Practice + Your turn to share:

Try drawing a heart spiral without the video and see how it works. If you’re feeling anxious, stressed out, or stormy, take three minutes and draw a heart spiral. See how your inside weather changes. Send us your spirals and feedback to submissions@drawtogether.studio, leave a comment below, and tag us on Instagram @drawtogether.studio

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Last week’s show:

Thanks to everyone for the burst of flower-filled spring cheer last week!  Check out some beautiful rainbow gardens below.

Episode 04, so much more is in store - because….everything is better when DrawTogether!