The BIG Graduation Show!

It's the Season Finale and guess who we get to draw?

Supplies: Paper, Pen or Pencil, Colors, Stapler, and your drawings!

Can you believe it? Today is DrawTogether’s Season Finale! 12 shows / a dozen classes - no matter what you call it, it’s a VERY BIG DEAL and deserves celebration. For the last class of the Season, we are hosting a DrawTogether Graduation! We sing, we dance, we create a yearbook and draw SuSo on the Cover. We also attend the official gallery opening for the class of Season One, and have an epic dance party with DT kids all over the world. Grab your pens, paints, paper, your dressy shoes, some snacks and….let’s Draw!

We are also excited to share a couple extra pages for your DrawTogether Yearbook here, just click and print and draw.

Keep the dance party going!

Left column top to bottom: Milo (7) and Levi (3) San Francisco, California; Neel (4) and Anaiya (2), Canada / Right column top to bottom: Zaina (5) New Delhi, India; Lazlo (7) and Amelia (5) Albuquerque, New Mexico; Sammy, Toronto, Canada

And summer, summer, summertime….

A note from the DT Crew: This is our last new official show of the season. We are happy and dancing and a little sad and (to be honest) pretty exhausted. Like a lot of us at the end of this year, we are feeling a lot of big feelings! Creating DrawTogether in collaboration with you all has been the experience of a lifetime. We are honored, we are proud, and we are planning some REALLY cool, different stuff for the summer. And also - all DrawTogether Season 1 episodes are available on YouTube NOW so catch up, binge, rewatch, and share!

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Next week we will share a special behind the scenes (BTS) with Edlyn Capulong, creator of DrawTogether’s intro. The week after that, we’ll have a little more BTS and DT creation stories for you - we think you’ll love learning about how it all gets made.

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Whether or not you subscribe, we’ll still check in every few weeks to share highlights and hits, and keep everyone in the DT Art Club loop!

We could not be happier to say HAPPY GRADUATION and THANK YOU for being part of the DrawTogether family. Now what are you waiting for? Grab your art supplies, put on your art eyes, and let’s get to dancing and drawing!