Episode 03, Let’s Discover Color

It’s spring! Time to draw a rainbow garden, practice your color knowledge, and go out on a color wheel scavenger hunt

Here in the northern hemisphere, spring just started and we are starting to see flowers everywhere. Wherever you happen to be, and no matter what’s blooming, it’s always a great time to draw a rainbow garden! Use primary colors to create your own garden, then keep reading to learn about fascinating different color names and to go on a color wheel scavenger hunt.

Suggested supplies: Paper, Pen or Pencil, Colors (Crayons, Colored Pencils or Paints), and your Art Eyes

Beyond-the-show continues one more week!
For this last week of March, we have another sneak peek of the types of activities and extras you will get when you pay for a subscription to the DrawTogether Art Club.  If you’re not sure about a paid subscription, don’t worry - as long as you are signed up, you will still receive an email with the new DrawTogether show on Fridays. Starting in April, if you do choose to pay for a subscription, you’ll keep getting art snacks, studio practices, and more (along with the show) each week.  Paying for a subscription also helps support DrawTogether and keeps it free and accessible for kids around the world. If you are an educator using this in a classroom, or if the subscription cost is a hardship, please contact kate@drawtogether.studio.  

Art snack: What’s that color?

Red, blue, yellow: primary colors are important, but sometimes you just want a color that’s a little...unique. Today we introduce you to three fascinating colors and invite you to create your own.

Cosmic Latte: A team of astronomers found the average color of the entire universe! Which basically is the sum of all colors mixed together and then divided by the number of colors. Yeah, we’re not exactly sure what that means either, but we do know that Cosmic Latte is a beige-ish color that we imagine exists in all the stars and planets.

Lapis Lazuli: This fun word to say is actually a very precious stone that was once more valuable than gold. It is ground to a powder to make an intense blue color. Fun fact: this drawing has been made from a real Lapis Lazuli pigment!

Razzmatazz: Crayola invented this berrylicious red-pink color in 1993, but did not know what to name it. So they held a competition and collected names from around the world. Guess who came up with the zippy-sounding Razzmatazz? A 5-year-old girl!

So….what special color would you create? And what would you name it?  Post in the comments below!

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Studio practice:

Color isn’t just in a crayon or in a paint tube. It’s all around us! Look around and see how many colors you can find, and record them in the color wheel scavenger hunt linked below. How is a color wheel made of objects you find inside versus outside different? How might a scavenger hunt find different objects and shades in a forest versus around a city? Make sure to send us your finished color wheels at submissions@drawtogether.studio.

Your turn to share:

Let’s “do a show.” Take a moment to send us your rainbow gardens, special colors, and scavenger hunt drawings.  Post comments below and send to us at submissions@drawtogether.studio (or find us on Instagram @drawtogether.studio).

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Last week’s show: Magic band-aids (and Suso!) 

It made us SO happy to see all your magical band-aids and hear about who you chose to give them to.  Suso especially loved your colorful sheets and all the support animals you drew for her. Thank you for being so caring and thoughtful!  See below for a few highlights and check out our website gallery for even more.  

Three weeks in and the art club is a win because...everything is better when we draw together!