DrawTogether is back!

And we are so, so happy to see you again

Heelllooo! And welcome (back) to DrawTogether.

It's me, WendyMac. Writing from DrawTogether’s new home: a bright, shiny Substack. 

Big news: Starting this week, DrawTogether will release a new show every Friday for twelve weeks (Season 1! Season 2 soon to follow!) straight to your inbox.  Accompanying each show will be a DrawTogether Art Club newsletter full of art activities, artist interviews, fun adventures, and inspiration for kids of all ages. We are so excited to get started, we are giving you a sneak peek today with a tour of the studio and a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how we built the entire set. Without further ado, here’s the tour (and do not miss the behind-the-scenes time lapse video at the bottom):

Keeping DrawTogether a Community

One of the things that made DrawTogether special was the community. By distributing the classes this way (newsletter/email), we keep the interactivity. Kids and parents can send us notes and feedback in the comments, and share videos and photos to include in upcoming shows and newsletters (submissions@drawtogether.studio). And we can make and release everything NOW, when kids urgently need the support. Basically, we followed our own advice and said “No rules in art! Let's just make it ourselves."

Subscribe for extra good stuff:
One last thing - by publishing here, we can keep the classes FREE so all kids have access to art and social-emotional learning. But we can’t do this alone. For those who can, please consider helping DrawTogether continue by purchasing a subscription - after our first month of all-free content, paid subscribers will receive extra activities and special features. Super-fans can become a founding club member! All money goes to creating more and better DrawTogether experiences for kids (of all ages.) 

Note: if you are a K-8 teacher and want to use DrawTogether in your classroom, reach out. We have some special stuff in store for you. 

DrawTogether started as emergency art aid almost exactly a year ago. Today we begin the next chapter. The hard times and big changes in the world continue, but we can always count on a few things: inside weather will change, we can always draw a heart spiral, and everything is better when we DrawTogether. 

Let’s do this. 


WendyMac, Art Assistant Caroline, Suso and the DrawTogether Team*

*Kate, Bryan, Patrick, Ishita, Megan, Thao, Jon, Wandee, Danielle, Shannon, Katie, Leo, Vinny, Shawn, Lulu (and You.) 

P.S. We didn’t forget: watch us build the whole set in under a minute…it’s magic!

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