The beach is ready for you!

Get your sunglasses on, it's time to DRAW OUTSIDE

One of the best things about drawing is that you can do it anywhere - just grab some paper and a pencil or pen, and hit the road (or beach or park). So for this week’s DT Classic, we bring you (drumroll…) Sandcastles at the Beach! We wanted to take you outside and revisit an amazing beach creation - plus an extra silly warmup and an inside weather check. Get your sunglasses on! We can’t wait to see what you make - submit here or post & tag on IG.

Oh, and if you happen to want more Drawing Outside adventures, make sure to check out the Clubhouse episode from this past season!

More outside drawing coming up!

We appreciate you all for signing up for our newsletters, and are so happy to be able to provide an extra weekly message for our paid subscribers. Last week, we took a close look at ourselves and our skin with Radici Studios, mixing colors and thinking about our families and our stories.

Coming up for our summer dispatch this Sunday, we shift gears to explore more drawing outside and get to know Ishita Jain - a core member of our DrawTogether crew who helps to create these newsletters (including some of the great activity sheets and art snacks you’ve seen) and also a super talented artist who specializes in location drawing. Ishita will share really gorgeous stories and illustrations just for you all, the DrawTogether art club community.

(And next week…a big update from our mobile studio on the road!)

Thanks for hitting the beach and getting outside with us this week - we hope you’re getting some time to relax and dig your feet in the sand, dirt, or grass.