Self-portrait time!

Combine shape, color, your beautiful face, and a dash of summer for this DT Classic

Hi DT crew!
This throwback video is a super special release from our last week of DrawTogether classes in spring 2020. Inspired by yearbook photos (and our upcoming collaboration with Radici Studios on skin color), we draw OURSELVES!

Time to grab a mirror, get out your paper, pens, pencils, paints, and get to creating your summertime self-portrait. Take a good long look…your eyes, your eyebrows, your nose and mouth. The shape of your chin. The halo of your hair. The colors and textures of your skin. Your glasses or hat or the top of your shirt. And while this DrawTogether may reference school yearbooks, feel free to summer it up and make a beach or park or pool background!

If you like this Classic, consider subscribing to access our collaboration with Radici Studios and the awesome artist Jennifer Bloomer this Sunday (and for paid subscribers, every weekend we publish something extra and different). Jen and her daughter Saba share an activity on mixing skin colors, plus you’ll get a glimpse of Jen’s approach to anti-racist art for families and kids.

Big summer hugs and happy drawing!