Summertime! Hot Air Balloons + 6-word memoirs

The world's most famous drawing newsletter for kids ever on the planet is here!

Helloooo amazing DrawTogether Art Club! Before we jump into the DT Classic video being released this week…can we just tell you how excited we are for the collaborations coming up this summer?!? In addition to the extremely cool opportunity to have your art published in a Six-Word Memoir book (see below!), we’ve got features with incredible artists like Kaylani Juanita and Lisa Congdon, takeovers by best art kid magazine Illustoria and anti-racist art wayfinder Radici Studios, and so much more. Click on the button to subscribe (it’s $6/month or hit us up if that’s not doable for you)…and if you prefer to stick with the free version, all good. We appreciate you and we’ll keep sending Classics out each week.

Oh, and one more thing: there’s still time to take the DrawTogether feedback survey (5 min or less!) and enter the raffle to win a special DT swag box. Survey closes at 5pm PST on Tuesday, June 22nd, raffle winners announced Wednesday, June 23rd. Click the link above or below and tell us what you think!

Ok, ok - you want the DT Classic, we know. Let’s Draw a Hot Air Balloon! With heart spiral warm-up, Suso appearances, and lots of laughter.

DrawTogether + Six-Word Memoirs: Your chance to be published in a book

The lovely crew over at the Six-Word Memoir project is publishing a book called Where Do We Go From Here? that will feature drawings and six-word reflections from students, teachers, and parents on life in the pandemic - where we’ve been, what we’ve learned, and where we are going after a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad year. And they have a special request to feature DrawTogether kids!

Your assignment:
1. Draw a picture that represents some part of your life in the pandemic.
2. Write a six-word phrase to go with the drawing.
3. Submit on the Six-Word Memoir website or email your photo to Make sure to mention DrawTogether in the subject line or body of email. Deadline is June 28, 2021.

Not sure where to start? Check out the video below from kid experts Lukas and Darshana, which explains how Six-Word Memoirs work and why it’s an awesome opportunity. They also share their drawings and memoirs.

Thanks for the DrawTogether shout-out, Lukas and Darshana. Leaving you all with this Six-Word Memoir: Drawing together means looking, connecting, loving. (Or DrawTogether summer lifting up and away!)