Draw a guitar and learn our theme song!

Sing the DT song with musician Thao Nguyen, plus a brand new intro

Supplies: Paper, Pen or Pencil, Colors (crayons, colored pencils, paints)

This week in class we draw a guitar! But not just any guitar - WendyMac is joined in the studio by musician Thao Nguyen who teaches us to sing our amazing new DrawTogether theme song. We're joined by six awesome DrawTogether kids - Liam, Octavio, Ohio, Rosa, Sora and Teddy - and we all learn our new song together, talk about practicing (it’s hard to learn a new thing!), and draw a guitar with lines and scribbles. Bonus: Suso sings!

Along with our new song, this class also features a new handmade, stop-motion intro by artist/animator Edlyn Capulong! It’s 30 seconds of pure wonderful. Edlyn really captured the spirit of DrawTogether in the intro, and like the DrawTogether studio, it’s all made of paper and paper mache. (Kids you can make it, too!) We’ll share some behind-the-scenes with Edlyn in our newsletter soon.

Important note for paying subscribers! Keep your eyes peeled for the DT Studio Dispatch, arriving on Sunday. This week is a behind-the-scenes story about Wendy and Thao’s first drawing/music collaboration (Spoiler alert: Wendy toured with Thao to draw a story about the life of independent musicians. It was the ultimate Art Adventure, and proof that drawing takes you awesome places.) 

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Your turn! Do a Show

Share photos of your guitar drawings with us so we can share them with the DT community. Be sure to include your kid’s first name, age, and general location. DrawTogether is all over the world - let’s stay connected. Comment below, email submissions@drawtogether.studio, or use this form to upload your art.

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Gallery from last week’s wolves

Thank you to all the howling wolves (and more) you shared with us last week, and the amazing art you continue to create and post all the time. Keep it coming!

Left column top-to-bottom: Jasper, age 4, London; Florence, age 4, San Jose, CA; Mia, age 6, Long Beach, CA; Paris, age 7, San Jose, CA / Right column top-to-bottom: Smiling Wolf Artist; Maxine’s Wolf; Zella, age 7, Lawrence, Kansas; Sullivan, age 7, and Theo, age 4, Virginia.

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Episode 06 and music is in the mix - because everything is better when we DrawTogether!