Tugboat! The Big Mistakes Show

with special guest Samin Nosrat

Supplies: Paper, Pencil or Pen, Colors

Mistakes! They’re so hard. But they don’t have to feel bad. In fact, they can sometimes become something new and cool and help us learn. In today’s show we explore different things we can do when we make mistakes in the studio, the kitchen, and in life. First, draw a tugboat with WendyMac, who makes some coloring mistakes and figures out how to fix them. Then, chef extraordinaire Samin Nosrat (and her dog Fava) calls in to share a story of a mistake she made in the kitchen, how it made her feel, and how mistakes are often sparks of creativity. Make sure to watch through the credits for a hidden DrawTogether surprise!

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Kid Gallery

Thank you to all the guitars (and more) you shared with us last week, and the amazing art you continue to create and post all the time. Keep it coming!

Left column top-to-bottom: Emi (8) Los Angeles, California; Berdy (7) Alexandria, Virginia; Freya & Hannah (5) Chicago, Illinois; Olivia (5) Mexico City / Right column top-to-bottom: Emmy (7) Oakland, California; Margot (5) Gatineau, Canada; Ylva (7) Muncheberg, Germany; Andrew (7) Brandon (5) and Vivienne (3), West Covina, California.

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