Unlikely Animal Friends!

Draw a baby gorilla and cat to cheer up Suso, and create your own puppet show

Supplies: Paper, Pencil or Pen, Colors…and Fingers!

Today, an inside weather check reveals Suso feels a little sad and lonely, so we do something special to cheer Suso up: we draw animal finger puppets!! Kids request to draw a baby gorilla and a cat (with cute eyes!) and we turn them into a puppet show to make Suso smile. Dr. Laurel, expert animal, drops in to teach us about unlikely animal friendships - like people and their pets.

On Sunday, we’ll share even more animal puppets and do a Q&A with Dr. Laurel, so subscribe to get the extras and help keep DrawTogether free and accessible for all!

We are one week away from the Season Finale!

That’s right, next week is the big, wonderful DrawTogether “First Season” graduation. Next Friday, come ready to draw and party - bring your fancy shoes, festive hats, yummy snacks, and dance moves. We also recommend you collect some of your favorite drawings from the past few months.

After next week, we’ll be getting into summer mode. Weekly DrawTogether Art Club emails will keep coming, starting off with some really cool behind-the-scenes videos. Then we’ll share releases from the DrawTogether vault of past classes, special interviews and activities from some of our favorite artists & creators around the world, and lots more. Any special summertime DrawTogether requests? Drop your feedback in the comments below!

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Kid Gallery!

The clubhouses, the finders, the clubhouses! We loved drawing outside and learning about Sister Corita Kent with you all. Check out some of the kid artwork below:

Top Row: Sage (8) Los Angeles,CA, Left column top-to-bottom: Rosa (6) and Evie (4) Trowbridge, UK; Max (9) Woodinville, WA; Viya (5) Richmond, VA; Right column top-to-bottom: Zaina (5) New Delhi, India; Leo (5) Weaverville, NC; Calder (5) and Alex (3) San Francisco, CA

Can’t wait to see you next week!

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