Draw a Butterfly...with a hairstyle

What could be more fun than dancing, Suso, and drawing TOGETHER with special guest artist Loveis Wise?

Supplies: Paper, Pen, Colors, Folding skills

Today we have TWO dance parties and meet the artist Loveis Wise, who shows us how to draw a butterfly - with a hairstyle! We talk about symmetry, asymmetry, funky hairdos, and the magic of drawing with a friend (even over video). WATCH NOW!

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Your rocketships made us want to blast off into space and find a cookie planet! Send us your drawings and photos using the link here (or email submissions@drawtogether.studio)

Left column top-to-bottom: Vann (5) Washington, Indiana; Nayonika (8) Mumbai, India; Asher (7) Charlottesville, VA; Jim (6) and Claire (4) Riga, Latvia; Right column top-to-bottom: Ruby (4) Maynard, Massachusetts; Aviva (6), Fort Collins, Colorado; Claire (6) San Francisco, California; Carlos (1.5) Oakland, California

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