Behind the Scenes: DIY Stop-Motion Extravaganza

Stop-motion videos rule, and Edlyn Capulong is a genius

Hey! Happy first week of DrawTogether Summer Camp. One of my favorite things about creating DT is collaborating with such incredible people. This week, I want to highlight the brilliant artist behind our intro: animator Edlyn Capulong.

DT’s amazing editor Megan McShane introduced us to Edlyn (they’d met while working on StoryBots, the best animated kids show on TV!) Megan told me, “Edlyn is a genius. She’ll make magic.” And she was right.

Stop motion is something anyone with a smartphone or camera can do - all you need is some props and patience. Edlyn created the DT intro 100% by hand, at home, using just her iPhone and cardboard, paint, and paper mache. She documented her process and created this MUST-WATCH behind-the-scenes video to share with the DT community. We hope Edlyn inspires you to try your own stop motion magic this summer. 

Q&A with Edlyn Capulong

Q: When you were little what did you want to be?

Q: What is your first memory of wanting to be an artist or animator or...
(what do you call yourself?)

Q: Describe your job and tell us your favorite part of it.

Q: What did you like about creating DrawTogether’s intro?

Q: What is your one piece of advice for DrawTogether kid artists?

Q: Will you show us a drawing or doodle you like to make?


Like Edlyn, DrawTogether kid Teddy Elliot (8 years old from Berkeley, CA) loves to make stop motion. He’s made several short films throughout the pandemic on everything from love to radical women surfers. We asked Teddy to share his favorite stop-motion (edited by his brother Felix, 10). 

Q for Edlyn from Teddy: How many pictures does it take her to make one of her longest movies?

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And to wrap things up, we asked Edlyn what book enchanted her as a kid, and what she would recommend reading this summer. She shared:

Signing off for the weekend but we’ll stay in touch on Instagram and would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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Thank you Edlyn and Teddy! See you all next week!

WendyMac & the DT crew