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GUT Visiting Artist: Tucker Nichols

Artists and Their Pets

DT Grown-Ups Table: Gratitude Part 2

DT Grown-Ups Table: Drawing Gratitude, Part 1

Getting Grateful on the DT Pod

What I Saw and Learned in New York

The Secret to Drawing People

Hi from NY! And A's your Q's

Quilt Portraits inspired by Bisa Butler

GUT's First Visiting Artist: Maira Kalman!

DT x Dia de los Muertos featuring Yuyi Morales!

Studio Sounds

It's a Terrestrials Take-Over!!

A new way for the DT Grown-Ups Table to share art & chat

Come to The Dark Side

The Spooky Shadows Episode

One Thing a Day

Put a Stamp on it!


What happens when we look closely

Let's Talk Sketchbooks

The DT Podcast is back, baby!

On Perfectionism

What do you call a group of Narwhals?

Let's face it

How to Make a Drawn Story for the NYT

Drawing Well-Dressed Beetles with Carson Ellis

Drawing Meditation, Spirographs, and My Small Rant on Big Education

Drawing a Garden with Ishita Jain

Grids and graphs

Get thee to the beach

Some of Our Delight Drawings, Day 1-4

DT Grown-Ups Table: Week of Delight

Flamingo! Flamahngo!

Introduce Yourself!

Welcome to the DT Grown-Ups Table

Printmaking at Home with Jen Hewett

DIY Planetarium with Designer Kelli Anderson

Hot Air Balloon Summer

Beet this.

The Great Dragon BBQ Returns!

Drawing Dragonflies with Entomologist Dr. Jessica Ware

Did somebody say BABY RACCOON?

DIY Golden Record

DrawTogether Classic LIVE Videos are Back

DrawTogether & NASA send Kids Art into Space (!) and DT Summer Plans

#26 Blind Contour: Looking & Loving

When there are no words, we draw.

#25 Transmundane Tuesdays with Carson Ellis

Infographs and Feelings

#24 Emotional Fruit

The Importance of Moving Our Hands

#23 Body's Choice

World's Best Drawing Game is Back

From the Mouth of Agnes Martin, and Transcript #21

#21 Getting Griddy with Agnes Martin

Special for DT subscribers

#20 "What Does Sound Look Like?" With Special Guest Colin Meloy

#19 Draw with Your Ears

Ode to The Pencil

#18 Super Surreal Silly Monster

Mystery Animal... Revealed!

#17 Mystery Animal!

Look How Far We've Come

Talking (and Drawing) with Kids about Ukraine

#16 Sunflowers for Ukraine

#15 Bring on the Funky Robot!

Q&A with the illustrator of "Ablaze with Color: A Story of Painter Alma Thomas"

#14 Drawing Energy with Alma Thomas

The Spiral Collective

How to See

#13 "What Should I Draw?"

Raising Creative Humans

#12 Drawing in the Air with Ruth Asawa

We were featured on PBS Newshour!

#11 The Big Warm Up

Two quick questions (and prizes)

#10 Thanks, Don't Mondrian if I Do!

#9 Chill out drawing for a stressed out time