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DIY Planetarium with Designer Kelli Anderson

Create your own Webb Telescope inspired starry night.

Sure, the Webb Telescope can see 100 Million years back in time, but using simple art supplies, you can see stars in your room right now.

DrawTogether recently collaborated with NASA to send kids drawings into space, but we’ve been art/space-obsessed for a while. Back during DrawTogether Camp days, artist and designer Kelli Anderson stopped by to teach DT Kids to make a tiny functioning planetarium using simple supplies like paper, crayons and a flashlight.

In honor of the recent Webb telescope triumph, we’re bringing back the activity for DT Subscribers. First, watch this wonderful video from Art21 and learn about artist Vija Celmins who meticulously paints infinite night skies…

Look closely - Vija Celmins, "Night Sky #10," 1994-95, oil on canvas

Then follow along with Kelli’s video and the step-by-step photos below to create your very own starry night planetarium in your own home.

How to make your own planetarium:

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