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Hot Air Balloon Summer

Draw so high we might never come down.

Draw high *in the sky*, people. This is a kids show. Just watch the video above.

Did you know that the hot air balloon was the first form of flight to carry humans above the surface of the earth? And before it hoisted humans off the ground in 1783, that first balloon lifted a rooster, duck and a sheep into the sky for 20 minutes! (They landed unharmed.) That means a SHEEP was the first mammal to fly! (Not including bats, of course.)

The longest hot air balloon ride was completed in 1999 by Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones. They flew a balloon all the way around the world: 29,055 miles in just under 20 days. And in 2004, the highest hot air balloon ride was achieved by Vijaypat Singhania who got inside a special pressurized cabin attached to a 160’ tall balloon and flew all the way to 68,986 feet. That’s thirteen miles up!

And you thought hot air balloons were a lot of hot air. (har har.)

The only thing as cool as flying in a hot air balloon (which truth be known, I’m kind of terrified of) is DRAWING hot air balloons.

Art Assistant Caroline helps demonstrate drawing perspective and scale for hot air ballon drawing by squishing my face,

Let’s do it. Highlights from the DrawTogether Classic episode HOT AIR BALLOON (which you can watch at the top of this email):

  • Suso attempts a Coup, tries rename DrawTogether DOGSTogether

  • Warm up with an Inside Weather Check and a Heart Spiral

  • We take a DT Kid request to draw a “rainbow hot air balloon”

  • We learn all about perspective and scale and incorporate it into our hot air balloon drawings

  • We decorate our own unique hot air balloons (mine looks like a cat, obvs) and draw a landscape below

  • Suso plots another revolution

All that and more in the video atop this email. Just grab your supplies, your little ones, and click the arrow. And as always, we’d love to see your drawings. Post them on instagram, tag @DrawTogether.Studio and we’ll see them and share them out.

And! We have a special DIY craft activity this Sunday for Subscribers: a WEBB TELESCOPE edition of DrawTogether! The amazing artist/designer/paper aficionado and friend of DrawTogether Kelli Anderson teaches us how to make a PLANETARIUM using paper, pencil, some scissors and your phone.

Everything is better when we DrawTogether.



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