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Beet this.

Jason Logan teaches us to Make Ink from natural, household items

I’m having a hard time not sending these special subscriber email to everyone! I want everyone on the planet to know about Jason and natural ink making, and all the other amazing DrawTogether guests! So unless you tell me not to in the comments, I’m going to keep sending these previews. Subscribe if you want to watch/draw with the the DT video, see DT kids pics, etc. xo, w

Hellloooo! Today we’re making INK.

If you don’t already follow Jason Logan’s substack The Colour, it’s a magical dip into history, philosophy, science, art and wonder - and how they all mix together to form ink and color.

During our early DrawTogether Lives, Jason joined us and showed us how to make ink using things we find in our kitchen. Here are a few of the inks he teaches us to make in the episode:

One my favorite things about Jason’s approach to ink making is that he’s all about how the natural ink changes color over time. Unlike many ink makers, he is not trying to create a perfect color that lasts forever. He experiments with everything - and thinks of his inks like everything else on the planet - they (we) grow and change and take on a life of their own. How wonderful to make a drawing that continues to evolve even after we’ve put it down.

Here is breakdown of the episode, some photo of DT kids with their home made ink drawings, and links to learn more about natural ink making and Jason’s work as The Wizard of Ink.

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