DrawTogether with WendyMac
DrawTogether with WendyMac
#11 The Big Warm Up

#11 The Big Warm Up

Plus, DT Podcast now on iTunes and Spotify, and announcing the DT Swag Winners!

Big news: You can now listen to the DrawTogether Podcast on iTunes and Spotify! We’ll continue to share the podcast here in our DT Club Newsletter, and paying subscribers get additional behind the scenes tips, interviews, and inspiration. We count on your support to keep going, so please and thank you for your support!

And without further ado… Hit the play button above for the new podcast ep! We call it, “The Big Warm Up.”

Athletes warm up before a game. Musicians warm up before a performance. Should artists warm up before drawing? HECK YES WE SHOULD. On today’s DT podcast, we learn a quick warm up exercise to loosen the muscles and mind, get our blood flowing and heart pumping, and help us draw with our whole bodies.


Whether it’s making a cup of tea, putting on some music or doing some stretches, many artists do some kind of warm up to switch into making mode. The British painter Chris Ofili starts every day in his studio by creating a few abstract pencil drawings and loose watercolor portraits.

Painter Chris Ofili in his studio. Photo by Ian Allen for TIME

The American painter Wayne Thiebaud (who passed away a month ago at the age of 101) started his days with a game of tennis before heading to his studio to paint.

Wayne Thiebaud painting in his studio at the age 92. TIME magazine, photographer unknown.

How about you? What gets you into the making mood? Share your warm up routine in the comments!

And PRIZES: Thanks to everyone who told us how you listen to the podcast. So happy to hear you’re all digging it. And our three winners are… Anna David, Linh Nguyen, and Cherylann Ganci! Congrats and please email WendyMac@DrawTogether.Studio to claim your prize. Everyone else: more chances for DT Swag coming soon.

And as we say at the end of everything, including Friday newsletters: Everything is better when we DrawTogether. See you soon. <3


DrawTogether with WendyMac
DrawTogether with WendyMac
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