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#25 Transmundane Tuesdays with Carson Ellis

#25 Transmundane Tuesdays with Carson Ellis

Tuesday on a Sunday! We get to draw with our favorite children's book author/illustrator Carson Ellis

Hellllooooo! This week on the DT Podcast, the phenomenal, Caldecott-honor winning children’s book illustrator/author, artist, mom, partner, friend, gardener, and llama-mama Carson Ellis joins us to talk about her art and teach us her favorite drawing game: Transmundane Tuesdays. Let’s call it TT for short. TT is a super fun drawing game anyone, any age, can play. It works like this: Carson pulls three prompts from three jars. Then she reads them to us. Then we combine all three prompts into a wacky, wonderful character drawing. Easy right? Totally. And super fun.

And that’s exactly what we do on the podcast. With some chit chat and drawing music.

Here’s the drawing Carson did on the episode.

(Can you guess what the three prompts were based on this drawing?)

And here’s mine:

(Now I bet you can guess…)

Okay, so now it’s your turn. JOIN US. Grab your supplies, press play above or over on Apple Podcast, and see what you come up with. Be sure to post your artwork on Instagram and including the hashtag #TransmundaneTuesdays and tag us at @DrawTogether.Studio so we can see it share it with everyone else, too!

You can also look at the hashtag #TransmundaneTuesdays on Instagram to see THOUSANDS of people’s TT drawings Carson and her fellow TT drawers have created over the years. It’s astounding to see how everyone’s imagination works so differently, all the different approaches to drawing, and all the effort people put into something that is purely for the joy of it. She’s really created something so special.

When Carson posts them on her Instagram and Substack they look like this: (Note this is not the DT pod prompt!)

You can already imagine it, right? Try drawing this after the DT pod one.

So fun.

And! Be sure you subscribe to Carson’s substack “Slowpoke” for more Transmundane Tuesdays and general art and drawing goodness. She is one of my favorite artists and one of the best human beings I know and I promise you will be delighted and inspired. She also has a show in SF at Gallery 16 (June 3-July 31) with another favorite artist, Nathaniel Russell coming up soon!

Can’t wait to see your Transmundane Tuesday drawings. See you next week, all. Everything is Better When We DrawTogether.



ps - thank you Kate Levitt for jumping in and helping Amy and I with a last minute edit on this week’s episode! Yes, we had some tech issues this week. Happens. Life!

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