May 13, 2022 • 10M

#24 Emotional Fruit

This week we're drawing food and feeeeeelings

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The world's first drawing podcast! Drawing teacher Wendy Mac offers a bite-sized, no-experience-required interactive art adventure - all you need is a piece of paper and pen. We learn about art and artists and some drawing skills, while building curiosity, confidence and connection. For kids (of all ages.)
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Hello! This week on the DT Pod we’re drawing EMOTIONAL FRUIT! Timid tomato. Angry apple. Silly Strawberry! If you can feel it and eat it, you can draw it! Grab your kids, your supplies, press play and DRAW.

I’d LOVE to see your emo eggplants. Post your excellent food-feeling artwork on instagram, tag and we’ll share them out so others can see them, too.

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For subscribers this week: we’ll dive into the creative (and often beautiful) world of emotional charts and diagrams. We’ll look at some of the more visual, thoughtful and unique ones, and learn why they are so helpful. Spoiler alert: When we can identify our emotions, we can decide what we want to do (or not do) about them. And by kids, I mean all of us.

Now go grab your drawing supplies and press play - can’t wait to see your EMOTIONAL FRUIT.

Me, looking at you.

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