DrawTogether with WendyMac
DrawTogether with WendyMac
#15 Bring on the Funky Robot!

#15 Bring on the Funky Robot!

Sometimes you just need to draw a Funky Robot with your non-dominant hand. This is one of those times.

Hellllooo! It’s a tough week around the world, so here’s an 8 minute fun, silly DrawTogether Podcast to help take a breath. I promise your drawing will be unexpected, ridiculous, and full of joy. I think we could all use that right now. Click play above, and you can always find us (and give us some stars!) on Apple Podcasts.

Sometimes we know what we want our drawing to look like, and our hands just won’t do what we want them to do. When we’re trying to “get things right” or have strict expectations, unanticipated warbley lines and sudden zig-zags can be frustrating. But! If we take a deep breath and roll with it, these wild marks offer new, fun creative directions. Unintentional funky lines can transform a drawing into something even more exciting than we imagined.

Life metaphor, anyone? As we say in DrawTogether: In drawing, as in life.

Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever said that before in DT. Now we do!

Robot by DrawTogether Kid Ronan, who (along with Art Assistant Caroline) inspired today’s podcast - and who also requested to draw a cat. Ronan, a cat is coming soon!

On today’s DrawTogether Podcast - which comes at the end of a hard week in the world - we practice letting go of control and create funky lines by drawing with our dominant and non-dominant hands. And yes, we draw some fun, funky ROBOTS. So grab your pencil and paper and hit play on the podcast.

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Two more important things: there are a lot of hard things happening in the world right now. Russia invaded Ukraine. Our hearts are with the Ukrainian citizens. If you would like to support children in Ukraine affected by war, Voices is an org working on the front lines offering psychological and psychosocial support to children, including crucial art therapy.

In Texas, the governor and attorney general are trying to criminalize caring for trans children by threatening families who affirm a transgender young person’s gender identity by charging them with “child abuse.” At DT we are furious and outraged. To the trans and non-binary kids in the DT community and their families: we stand with you. If you would like to help protect trans kids and their families in Texas, TENT is a great org to support.

If you donate, please leave a note below so I can personally thank you! <3

Everything is better when we draw together. (In drawing, as in life.)



ps - we’re coming up on a year here on the DT Art Club, can you believe it?? <3 <3 <3

DrawTogether with WendyMac
DrawTogether with WendyMac
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