DrawTogether with WendyMac
DrawTogether with WendyMac
#19 Draw with Your Ears

#19 Draw with Your Ears

Head outside and draw a Sound Map - and DT pencil winner!

Helllloooo! This new DrawTogether Podcast episode might be my favorite yet. Today, we swap out our Art Eyes for Art Ears, head outside and draw a Sound Map.

This is my sound map from this morning, sitting on my front porch.

In DrawTogether we often focus on sight - as in, “Drawing is Looking, and Looking is Loving.” But when we slow down, pay attention and truly SEE, we don’t just use our eyes. We use ALL our senses when see, and in turn, when we draw. So today, we focus on a new sense: our hearing. We take our drawing supplies outside and we LISTEN to the world around us, and draw what we hear. A Sound Map is a visual story of a time and place. It’s also a wonderful listening exercise for kids, a great mindfulness exercise for adults, and just a fun way way to connect with the world around us.

Drawing a Sound Map is a great solo, family, or group activity for the weekend or after school - and a wonderful exercise for classrooms. All you need is 10 minutes, a safe, comfortable place to sit outside, a sketchbook (or “mobile studio’’ as I call it - the podcast will explain), a pencil and maybe some colors. And most of all, you’ll need your Art Ears. The rest will come to you.

I’d love to see your Sound Map. Take a photo, post it on Instagram and tag @DrawTogether.Studio. We’ll share some of them out here in the newsletter.

Next week is our 20th episode, and to celebrate we have another sound-focused DT episode featuring super special guest musician and writer Colin Meloy of The Decemberists. (!!!) Set your Friday drawing alarm clock.

Finally, ODE TO PENCIL follow up! Turns out DT peeps love: Ticonderoga, Blackwings, Colored pencils and Microns the most. The WINNER of the DrawTogether ODE TO PENCIL is…. Patricia Chavez! Patricia, email me at submissions@drawtogether.studio and we’ll send you some super awesome DT pencils. <3

Enjoy the soundscape, y’all!

Everything is better when we DrawTogether. xoxo,


This week DT Podcast credits:

Editor supreme: Amy Standen

Drawing Music: Chris Colin

Theme Song: Thao Nguyen

Recording Assist: Courtney Martin and John Cary

Sound effects courtesy of: Ohrwurm, Urupin, Murkertrer, Yacou, Woodylein, Apolloaiello, Biawinter, Julien-matthey, Steffcaffrey, Simon-spiers and Patchytherat.

DrawTogether with WendyMac
DrawTogether with WendyMac
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