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DrawTogether Classic LIVE Videos are Back

First up: let's draw a Rocket in Space!

Aaaaaand, we’re back. We took a short break to rest, and wow. So much can happen to a country in a couple weeks. Remember you can always do a calming five finger drawing exercises to reduce anxiety about, well, everything.

And when things are tough (and when they’re not) we can always turn to drawing. So let’s get to it. Due to popular request, every week this Summer we will share a previously unreleased original DrawTogether LIVE VIDEOS right here in the DT newsletter. Yes, the OG Pandemic DT videos are back! So grab a pen and a friend. These videos will only going be viewable here in the DT Club Newsletter. Spread the word.



Whoa, this feels like light years ago, right?

Rocket in Space is deep DT - it’s one of our earliest classes. Thousands of kids around the world gathered together at the same time every day to draw, dance and laugh our way through our feelings. It was a scary time, but we were in it together. And we learned to draw a rocket! In this class, we explore all the different marks and lines a simple pencil can make, then we draw a rocket that could not only blast us into space to learn about the universe, but could also protect us and our loved ones, too. Even Suso got a special space helmet. And Art Assistant Caroline is still shy, and that’s just great. So many lessons in one fun 30 minute drawing video. Hit play above!

In addition to being one of my favorite DT videos, we’re also starting the summer with ROCKET IN SPACE because, ICYMI, DrawTogether just announced our collaboration with NASA. Kids from 5 DrawTogether Classrooms drew the things they love most about Earth, and those drawings will be etched on a satellite that will blast into space and become the First Kids Art Show in Space - ever! Historic and hopeful. Just what we need right now.


For Subscribers only: This week I’ll share the DrawTogether x NASA lesson plan we gave the 5 participating DrawTogether Classrooms soon. In it we learn about Carl Sagan’s Golden Record (the inspiration for the DTxNASA project), get a little lesson on symbols, and create a drawing that we’ll blast out here in the newsletter and on DT’s instagram. I’ll also include some more behind the scenes on NASA’s art in space program, deets on the satellite, all that nerdy stuff. But if you aren’t a subscriber, uh…

DT Summer requests: Do you/young folks have any requests for next weeks OG DT Video? Any LIVE you/they’d like to revisit? Ideas or requests? Would subscribers like to do actual DT live with me again this Summer? Leave me a comment, love to know what you’re thinking.

And don’t forget to post your drawings on Instagram and tag! Happy to be with you this Summer.

Everything is better when we DrawTogether.



DrawTogether with WendyMac
DrawTogether with WendyMac