DrawTogether with WendyMac
DrawTogether with WendyMac
What happens when we look closely

What happens when we look closely

Drawing is looking and looking is loving

Helllooooo DrawTogether Friends!

Our new podcast episode is OUT and it is so much fun. Grab some paper, a pencil or pen and maybe some colors, and *scissors* (kids, ask a grownup to help) and get ready to see the world in a whole new way. Hit the play button above!

Sister Corita’s view finders help us look at the world one piece at a time.

Today’s episode is inspired by one of my all-time favorite artists: Sister Corita Kent. She was an artist, a teacher, a radical nun, an activist, and a keen observer of the world. She used her powers of close looking to find magic in the every day, and focus on one piece of the world at a time. In this episode of the DT podcast, I use a hand-made viewfinder to explore my neighborhood (yes, I do press my face into a tree) then return to the studio to make one together, use it to look closely, and draw what we discover. We have super fun new drawing music, a DrawTogether Hotline request, and give-away with our friends at Blackwing Pencils and the Corita Art Center!

More Sister Corita, please!

Sister Corita used words AND image in her artwork. She didn’t believe that “play” and “work” should be separate— she even combined them into a brand-new word…

A page spread from the very excellent book, Make Meatballs Sing: the life and art of Corita Kent, written by Matthew Burgess with pictures by Kara Kramer.

Make Meatballs Sing!

The book Make Meatballs Sing is a super-splendid telling of Sister Corita’s approach to art and life for kids. Written by Matthew Burgess, drawn by Kara Kramer, and published by the unparalleled Enchanted Lion Books, the engrossing text and illustrations are a tribute to her style and simply delicious to look at. If you’d like to learn more about Sister Corita and be outrageously inspired, buy a copy from your local independent bookstore or check one out at your public library!

Using a finder to look at the world one piece at a time. :)

The Corita Art Center

Sister Corita printing a silkscreen at her workshop in L.A.

The Corita Art Center is housed in a building in Hollywood, Los Angeles where Sister Corita created and taught art making for so many years. The Center’s fabulous website is a treasure trove full of info on Corita’s influence and her work. Fun fact: Corita was creating silkscreen prints using found imagery at the same time Andy Warhol was silkscreening his famous soup cans. Both were pop artists who worked with similar material but with very different outlooks on the world.

tiger (1965) serigraph
i in daisy
i in daisy (1969) serigraph

This Corita Center’s video intro to Corita deserves some close looking. Check out the original viewfinders at the 3:03 mark!

“Sometimes you can take the whole of the world in, and sometimes you need a small piece to take in.” - Sister Corita

Blackwing Pencils x Corita Art Center Giveaway!

What did you see through your viewfinder? Share your drawing with us! Post your drawing to IG and tag @drawtogether.studio. We’ll randomly pick THREE drawings and send the young artist this amazing Corita Center x Blackwing limited edition collaboration: a Corita themed sketchbook and a package of 12 Corita Blackwing pencils. Oh, yes. You heard us right. WE HEART BLACKWINGS!

Blackwing 93 Medium Slate Notebook | Blackwing602.com
Thank you Blackwing!!


We have a hotline! Kids, call us and tell us what you love to draw, what you would put on a stamp (this will make sense when you listen to the Pod episode) or anything you want to do in DrawTogether! We are listening and DT kids might just end up on the DT podcast!

Thanks everyone for being here. A big huge shoutout to the DT Pod crew: Editor Amy, Producers Liz and Arjuna, the DT kids featured in today’s episode, and our drawing music musicians! (APPLAUSE SFX!)

Everything is better when we Draw/MakeStuff Together!

xoxo, w

Ps. Hey grown DT Grown-Up Table peeps! In the DT GUT this Sunday not only will we look at the world one piece at a time, we’re going to listen to it one piece at a time, too. Sound and Vision… See you at the Grown-Ups Table!

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DrawTogether with WendyMac
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