DrawTogether with WendyMac
DrawTogether with WendyMac
#20 "What Does Sound Look Like?" With Special Guest Colin Meloy

#20 "What Does Sound Look Like?" With Special Guest Colin Meloy

Sure there are waves, bangs, clangs and the instruments that make them... but what does Colin's 6 favorites sounds look like to YOU?
Special guest Colin Meloy and his 6 favorite sounds! Photo: Justin Myers


Today on the DT Podcast we continue our sound theme with a visit from one of my all-time favorite musicians: Colin Meloy of The Decemberists. Using a variety of sophisticated sound-making tools (aka: instruments) Colin helps us explore the question “What does sound look like?” He plays six of his favorite sounds for us, and we use our sophisticated mark-making tools (aka: pencils) to DRAW our visual interpretation of the sound, and create an abstract musical score. No rules! Use different mediums and marks. Get messy.

Colin is not only a literal rock star, but he’s also a phenomenal writer (hello Wildwood Chronicles made with fave human/illustrator/kids book author Carson Ellis. They also happen to be married.) Colin recently launched a substack to share the BTS of his songwriting process, old tracks, lessons - def worth a subscribe. (Carson just launched an amazing art one, too!)

Carson and Colin - photo by Bruce Wolf for the NYTimes

I’ve heard from a lot of you that you miss the DrawTogether shows. I know. I do, too. Friends, they are coming… It’s just takes so darn long. YOU will be the first to know what’s next, I promise. Meanwhile, if you like, maybe I’ll pull back the curtain a little on what’s going on with the show, with DT Classrooms, the art kits and more for subscribers… Yes? No? Let me know if you’d like to hear more about that (or anything else) in the comments.

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Also, with all this talk of sound on the podcast this week and last, I’m mortified I haven’t been creating transcripts for DT folks who are deaf or hard of hearing. My deep apologies. I’m learning. As of this week, paying subscribers will receive a transcript of the DT Podcast along with behind-the-scenes notes, exercises and reading suggestions. If you are deaf or hard of hearing and can’t afford a subscription right now, write me and of course we’ll give you free access.

Can’t wait to see your Cabinet of Sound! Post them on Instagram, tag @DrawTogether.Studio and we’ll share some of them here. Maybe we can even convince a rock star to play some of the abstract scores you create. :)

Pencils up, friends.

Everything is better when we DrawTogether.



Episode 20 Credits:

Drawer-in-Chief: WendyMac

Editor Supreme: Amy Standen

DT Drawing Music: Chris Colin

DT Theme Song: Thao Nguyen

Special guest: Colin Meloy

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