DrawTogether with WendyMac
DrawTogether with WendyMac
#16 Sunflowers for Ukraine

#16 Sunflowers for Ukraine

On this very special DrawTogether Podcast, we draw sunflowers for kids in Ukraine and hang them in our window for the world to see.

Hi, DT friends.

Today’s DrawTogether Podcast is special.

Today we take a special request from 8-year-old DrawTogether Kid Keira and her mom, Dasha. Dasha is Ukrainian and lives in SF with her family. They asked if we could make a drawing to show the people of Ukraine our support. And that’s exactly what we do on today’s podcast. Hit play above, or listen on Apple Podcast.

Ukraine’s national flower, the Sunflower, has become a global symbol of solidarity.

In the 10-minute episode, we talk a little about the war and feelings kids might be having, and what we can do with those feelings (acknowledge them, ask caregivers and teachers questions, look at a map, draw.) Then we draw a big bright sunflower to hang in our window. Maybe other kids in our neighborhood will see it and feel inspired to draw a sunflower for their window, too. Maybe we can take photos and post them on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter (tag us so we can share it, too!) and maybe kids in Ukraine will see them, too.

We might be far away from each other, but we are all neighbors.

Sunflower drawing in the window! !If you put yours in the window, take a photo and tag us @drawtogether.studio so we can share it, too.

For subscribers this week, i’ll be sharing some great resources for parents and educators about talking to kids about Ukraine and war in general (and some Ukrainian art you can share with your kids, too.) Honestly, the info is great for grown-ups, too. We all have feelings and questions, and doomscrolling on twitter probably isn’t the best way to maintain our mental health. There will be tips. :)

If you are enjoying these podcasts, another way way to support is to leave us a review over on Apple Podcasts. It makes a big difference in getting the word out. Thank you.

Pencils UP. Everything is better when we DrawTogether.



DrawTogether with WendyMac
DrawTogether with WendyMac
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