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Week 3 (!) of the 30-Day Drawing Habit

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Day 10 check-in: The 30-Day Drawing Habit

The 30-Day Drawing Habit: WEEK 2

The GUT's 30-Day Drawing Habit: Helpful info and deets.

The Drawing Habit

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How to Look at Art Like an Artist

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Your Brain on Doodles

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The Most Important Response to Our Work is Our Own

The Art of Paying Attention (Or, how a huge mistake ended up being the best thing ever.)

Step into The Sun

The Food That Makes Us Who We Are

Drawing Medicine for Decision Fatigue

Visiting Artist: Elizabeth Haidle (and Christo and Jeanne-Claude!)

"I Can Buy Myself Flowers"

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We Have to Draw The Line.

Let's Focus on the Negative

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