Two quick questions (and prizes)

Hey DT Fam. I have two quick, DT podcast-related questions I’d really appreciate your feedback on. In the comments below, can you tell me:

  1. WHO is listening/drawing with the DrawTogether Podcast? Is it you? Your kids? Your classroom? Your family?

  2. WHERE and WHEN do you listen to the DrawTogether podcast? At home? In school? In the car? At the dinner table? Also, where/when doesn’t work??

If you could take a second and answer *in the comments below* it would really help us out. Also, if you have any suggestions or requests, throw them in the comments, too. We’ll randomly select three responses and send you some super special DT swag.

The DrawTogether podcast (and all of DT, really) is one big giant art experiment, and we want to hear what’s working and what’s not - and we need YOU for that. Thanks for taking the time.

See you Friday with a new audio drawing adventure.

xo, w