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This was moving! I’ve often used the word proselytize for my role in art….this is beautiful Wendy, and thank you Anne for the gift to hear it. I see myself working up the courage to do this at our town’s annual Busker-fest, I hope to figure out how to save this essay to share with them. Ready to try…..

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AWWWWW, paywalled for those of us who don’t subscribe to the NYTimes. But thrilled this effort is getting much deserved attention and wide spread use. Very Cool, Wendy.

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"My religion is connection and community." I love it ❤️

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Is there an overviewof how to use thechat function -how you find the thread you want to post in , how to get to the place in chat (the part of chat that is relevant) where can eithe snap a photo or upload a picture.

2nd year and this problem makes it nearly impossible tto navigae(in my world)

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What a beautiful idea. Rarely are we able to just gaze at someone. This is so valuable. Thank you.

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Top R side of page is your ID color. Click

Click on Draw Together (Wendy’s) GUT Page

Should see CHAT. Click

Bottom of next screen shot look for Paid. Click

Wendy’s page with details for us shows…go to bottom of her words. There is a bar with a tiny photo. Click.

Choose your photo. Click.

Write. Click when done.

Hope this helps.

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Congratulations on this Wendy read and listen episode! Truly remarkable who joins at your table. Congratulations!

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I just can’t figure out how to post my fruit I just never understood I guess.

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