I am grateful I can take deep breaths. :)

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Grateful for GUT! And please: take your time, relax, have a good time with your parents... We are here and grateful for you! 🤗

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I'm grateful I now know this is happening, I feel soooooo behind on the GUT assignments like I'll never keep up and then even our wonderful leader has hiccups. I'm grateful to remember we are all human and nothing about this is THAT serious. We are lucky we get to create and share space.

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I am grateful to be living in a country (New Zealand) that is not at war.

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I am grateful for the sunshine through dirty windows

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Grateful for Substack tech support for coming to the rescue...

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Grateful for entirely virtual friends like you, Wendy, who give so much to people you don’t even know! Enjoy your day with your family

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Oh, I’m so sorry that happened. Full of tears for all of your lost time/work. ♥️ Please don’t feel you have to rush to re-post. Time is irrelevant when it comes to art.

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I am grateful for your transparency, Wendy, and humor and ability to show your humanness. Thank you for showing us all how to find grace in getting back up after metaphorically slipping on a banana peel. (Felt that with your flight/ted talk fiasco as well!! 💗) Keeping being you. You teach us all how to live.

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I’m sorry that happened to you,

Wendy. 😔

I’m grateful that a thoughtful and beautiful soul like you cares so much to to take the time to create this space for yourself and others to connect and share love in all its expressions. ❤️


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My wonderful partner surprising me with a dehumidifier to help with my long covid. Many levels of grateful today :)

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Im grateful for pomegranates, they are little seeds of goodness :)

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Grateful for many people showing up for my workshop/meeting today.

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I'm grateful that I can read this page.

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Dear Wendy -

I am grateful to You!

Because of you and the lovely amazing

GUT community of artists-

drawing, painting, sketching,

colors, paints and brushes, and paper

are all now

front and center in my daily life -

where it all belongs and I belong!!

I am changed and transformed

by it all!

Bless you!

And everyone in the GUT!

No glitch can take that away.

There is power in what you do

and light


that’s all that matters.

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Grateful for my sweet mom turning 90 today! She is healthy, caring, generous, independent, and fun - my role model for aging gracefully ❤️

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