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What do you call a group of Narwhals?

Narwhal fun facts, new DT video for kids, and news worth sharing
From the 1694 book Histoire generale des drogues, traitant des plantes, des animaux, & des mineraux, by Pierre Pomet 

Hellllloooo DT kids (and family and friend of kids.)

Next week we launch the new season of the DrawTogether Podcast. New stories, drawing music, kid voices, all of it. We’re really excited to DrawTogether over the audio waves. You’ll be able to find it here, in your inboxes on most Fridays, and also on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. And we have a big DT Classrooms announcement soon, too. So all you educators and education-adjacent folk, stay tuned.

DrawTogether Video: Narwhals!

I’ve been looking forward to dropping today’s video for a while: Narwhals! We get into some fun narwhal facts while we draw, but they are so cool thought i’d share some here, too.

  • A narwhal’s tusk isn’t a tusk at all. It’s a TOOTH and it can grow up to ten feet long.

  • Narwhals, who can grow up to 4200 pounds, don’t use their tooth to hunt or fight. They use it to help clean each other. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! Humans recently discovered that this long pointy tooth is in fact a sensory organ with hundreds of thousands of nerve endings that evolved over tens of thousands of years to help the narwhal detect environmental changes and store crucial information. WHAT. AMAZING.

  • Meanwhile, just a couple hundred years ago, we humans used to call their tooth unicorn horns, cut them off and sell them to royalty to drink as magical tea. Not amazing.

  • A group of narwhals is called a Blessing!

Grab your supplies, hit play on the video and let’s draw some narwhals! If you want to share your drawing, post it on instagram and tag us at @DrawTogether.Studio

DT Grown-Ups Table

Subscribers to the Grown-Ups Table, we’re talking PERFECTIONISM this week, and doing some drawing to combat this common creative foe. Subscribe to the GUT and see you Sunday.

And! For DT families and classrooms: Jen Bloomer and her team at Radici Studio opened registration for their online workshop for parents and educators: Co-Create to Liberate. Each week features kid-focused, hands-on activities to use art to unravel unjust systems and imagine and create a world we can to live in. The first workshop is September 26th - register here, and their free one-hour workshop is September 22nd.

Y’all are my blessing.

Everything is better when we DrawTogether.




DrawTogether with WendyMac
DrawTogether with WendyMac