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Get thee to the beach

We gotta draw a sandcastle before school starts!!

Welcome new DrawTogether friends joining us this week! A DT primer: this free DrawTogether kids newsletter goes out to everyone 1x a week, usually on Fridays. You can see previous videos and activities for kids here, and listen/draw to the DT Podcast here. Paying subscribers get a seat at the DT Grown-Ups Table, a weekly creative wandering/learning/prompt/exploration direct from me, WendyMac. You also help keep DT kids content free for everyone, always.* Thank you to the moon.

Join me at the Grown-Ups Table?

On to the show.

Hellllooooo! While the GUT is deep in delights, DT kids, grab your pencils, paper, paints and sunscreen… we are hitting the beach! Let’s enjoy the last days of summer by doing some “Global Stretching” (“What is Global Stretching”, you ask?**), drawing an inside weather chart, then creating the most epic sandcastle scenario you’ve ever seen. Spoiler alert: IT DOES INCLUDE A CRAB.


For those of you who like to skip ahead: weather chart starts at 6:00; impossibly awesome sandcastle sculpting starts at 14:30. Note: the sandcastle contains rainbows, a tightrope and turrets, so grab those art supplies and let’s build.

Defying the laws of sandcastle gravity, one drawing at a time.

As always, post your kids’ drawings on Instagram and tag us at so we can see then and share them with the rest of the DT kids. #DTForever

What’s Ahead

As we near the end of the Summer, we’ve got a few more awesome DT classic videos to share. Then, if things go as planned, we’re returning with SEASON TWO of the DrawTogether Podcast, this time with kids and guests and, of course, drawing galore. We might throw an activity or two in there for the kids/educators for back to school, too. Is there something you’d like to hear/learn about/do on the DT Podcast? Does your DT kid have a special request? Let us know in the comments!

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DrawTogether Classrooms Update

DrawTogether Classrooms is a non-profit that offers social-emotional focused art programming and support to educators (classrooms, libraries, home schooling, oh my!) around the USA. Our pilot program last year was a HUGE success. 100% of participating educators reported they will use it again this year. We are updating materials and shaping this years program, and soon we’ll offer DrawTogether Classrooms to educators around the country. FOR FREE.

Tell your educator friends to sign up for this newsletter & watch this space to learn more about DrawTogether Classrooms


Alright, friends. Pencils UP. Everything is better when we DrawTogether. See you GUTs on Sunday, and the rest of you next week! Happy BEACH DAY.



*If you would like to subscribe and aren’t able to afford it right now, write to and we’ll cover you. No DTers left behind. Paying subscribers make this possible, too, so thank you again and again.

**It’s this:

Hey, you asked.

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