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Did somebody say BABY RACCOON?

The cutest ever. Why would anyone draw anything else?

Helllloooo, and seriously. Baby raccoons, right?? Literally. Nothing. Is. Cuter.

And for that reason and that reason alone, this week we’re are bringing back the DrawTogether CAMP Classic: BABY RACCOON! (SFX: animals go wild.)

Wait, how could you not tell a friend about a BABY RACCOON drawing video??


If you missed it back during deep pandemic time, DrawTogether CAMP with met on Instagram Live every Tuesday and Thursday during Summer 2020. Each week we focused on a new outdoorsy subject, made awesome nature-inspired drawings, got visits from experts who answers kid's questions, created some fun crafts, danced and sang the DrawTogether Camp song. You know, camp stuff.

So let’s get into it! Grab your pencils, paints and paper and get ready to learn about and draw BABY RACCOONS.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE. Subscribers will soon receive a special second CAMP Classic in your inbox, this one about BUGS and DRAGONFLIES. Not only do we draw a dragonfly, but we get a visit from the incredible American Museum of Natural History Bug Specialist Dr. Jessica Ware (you also might recognize her the Netflix series Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness) and she answers kids questions about bugs. Yes really. If you don’t subscribe, you and your kids are missing out on some serious exoskeletons.

So happy you’re joining us for our Summer DT Classics. If you want to share your/your kids Baby Raccoon or Dragonfly drawings, just take a photo and post them on instagram and tag us at @DrawTogether.Studio so we can see them and share them out.

Because truly, Everything is Better When We DrawTogether! (SFX: the whole world goes wild.)



ps - what do you think of DT SUMMER so far? If there’s anything in particular you want to see/hear/do, say something in the comments below. We love to hear from you.

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