Announcing an art + heart initiative

The most awesome news to hit DT since the farting unicorn!

We want you, our DT family, to be the first to know: we are launching the DrawTogether Classrooms program this fall for educators who want to use art to grow hearts. It’s a magical new program here at DT that might just rival the farting unicorn. And we’re counting on you, our Art Club community, to help us get the word out. It’s time to create the next generation of artist superheroes!

As part of DrawTogether Classrooms, partners will get:

  • An Amazing DrawTogether Educators Guide, including a curriculum for every DrawTogether episode with a summary, key moments, guiding questions, and competencies/skills

  • More than 25 additional art+heart activities and learning explorations

  • Classroom posters created by world renowned illustrators (see below for a sneak peek)

  • Art Kits full of awesome supplies

  • …And more (can you say classroom visit?). All free!

    **For all you data nerds, as part of this program you’ll help us dig into the impact that drawing and creating has on learning and growth (aka how are we building hearts through art?). 

So basically, if you’re a DT Classroom, we’ll give you additional resources, you’ll share feedback with us, and we’ll bring DrawTogether to more schools and programs.

We are accepting applications for the first 100 classrooms NOW - click here to sign up and share this message with folks who need to know about it.


None of this would be possible without the beautiful generosity of our big-hearted supporters, including Jack Dorsey’s philanthropic initiative #StartSmall, generous individuals donors like Lisa Brown & Daniel Handler, Charlotte Sheedy, John Mason, and others. We love you!

Want to learn more? Interested in supporting our Classrooms work? So many ways to be involved! This is just the beginning!