DT Grown-Ups Table

Where DrawTogether-minded grown-ups gather to dish and draw. Hosted by WendyMac, NYT-bestselling artist/your kids' favorite art teacher. Subscribers only. (Nobody excluded! Email re hardship for a free membership.) #DrawTogetherGUT

Introductions! Judging by the positive response to the DT Grown-Ups Table* (welcome new subscribers!) and the enthusiastic comments on the inaugural post, it a…
An unfancy, unscary introduction to drawing in perspective. Your outlook will never be the same.
A reminder of DT's mission and some much needed Ruth Asawa
I've been LOLing for days.
There's a whole library of silly in your head just waiting to be drawn. Plus an art recommendation and self-portrait selects.
Well, 7 of them to be exact. Literal to abstract, straight to curvy, Joan Brown to Ruth Asawa, and one big stoner moment... It's Line Drawing 101, GUT…
A Little Lesson on Negative Space featuring Hokusai, Du Bois, Schiele, and the Fed Ex logo.
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